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Annual Members' Show & Sale
Imaginary Exhibition (online only)
Colby Richardson: Performance for Ageing Apple Devices online performance co-presented with PLATFORM Centre (Wpg)
New Dance Horizons: a tiny world's fair
Ritual & Lore: Ayla Dmyterko, Blair Fornwald & Brette Gabel, Audie Murray, Marigold Santos, Zoë Schneider, & Maia Stark; guest curator: Jess Richter [view archived page]
Katherine Boyer: Where The Sky Carries the Sun online exhibition on www.tofeelclose.com, a project of AKA rtist-run (Saskatoon)
Nic Wilson: Pavilion of Shadows; guest curator: Wayne Baerwaldt [view archived page]
Annual Salon Show
Gabriela Garcia-Luna: Edge
Caitlin Thompson: DandyLines
Amalie Atkins: where the hour floats
Todd Gronsdahl: The Saskatchewan Maritime Museum


Sylvia Ziemann: Accidental Utopia

Risa Horowitz: Infrontofamidbefore (The Combination and Assembly of All These Possibilities)

International Print Exhibition Japan+ Canada

Gunpowder for the Mind

Landforms: Mike Keepness/ Gordon Lewis

A Rightful Place

Annual Salon Show


Edie Marshal: Terrain 

Zachari Logan: A Natural History of Unnatural Things

Iris Hauser: Dress Code

Diane Lara: Enso

Schell/Wozniak-Bonk/Zaharik: Into the Forest

McElroy/Ennis: Hidden in Plain Sight

Annual Salon Show




Adrian Stimson: The Immortal Buffalo Boy

Sean Whalley: Trimmed

Jean E. Sonmor: All Earth is a Burial Ground

Mel Bolen / Karen Holden: Two Perspectives

Laureen Marchand: Beholder
Neufeld/Konopaki: Walking Lines / Saskatchewan

Annual Salon Show



Nathalie Daoust: Impersonating Mao

Andrew Salgado: The Acquaintance

Prairie Excellence (SCC)

Procession West

Michael Hosaluk: Acts of Chairs

Belinda Harrow: Giant Bingo

The Wayward Symbionts

Annual Salon Show




Dan Donaldson: Art Imitating Life

Susan Shantz: Chamber

Jeff Nye: The Fire and the Flood

Diana Thorneycroft: A People's History

Derek Besant: 15 Restless Nights

After Life

Annual Salon Show


Pale Blue Dot
Saskatchewan Flame
Dave Geary: The Great Sask Utopia that Never Was
House & Home
Wendy Peart: Ark
Graphic Visions
Vanish: Art & Illusion
Annual Salon Show


Pendulum/Pendula - John Hall, Alexandra Haeseker

Annual Salon Show

Picturing Regina 100 Years Later

Linda Duvall: Bred in the Bone

The Intangible

Marsha Kennedy: Mapping the Land and Body

Visage: Self Portraits

Sophisticated Folk - Man/Woman, Michael Boutin


Still Life Opening: MccConnell/Forrestall

Susan Bozic: Synergy In Two Parts

Annual Salon Show

Bequest: Laureen Marchand/Honor Kever

Kathleen Houston: In the Clearing...

Dawna Rose: Big Boys

20 Years in the Making

David Garneau: Peripheral Paintings

Transcendent Squares


Doris Larson Wall: Earth, Water, Fire Air & Wood

Three of a Kind: Bolen, Farrero, Rocamora

Annual Salon Show

Glen Veeman: Regeneration

Drifting... Wiebe, Westmoreland

Lorenzo Dupuis: Still Scapes

Dare to Travel: Wear, Ware, Where

Bob Boyer: Timelessness

Thelma Pepper: Spaces of Belonging


Janice Wong: Fragments


Martha Cole : Trees of Life

Annual Salon Show

Wendy Peart: Fabric

Margaret Vanderhaeghe: Under Cover

The Blue Show: John Peet, Cara Driscoll, Pat Matheson,Ruth Chambers, Jamie Slingerland

Three Shores: Degan Lindner, Christine Lynn, Barbara Terfloth

Content: Jack Sures, Cara Driscoll

Doris Wall Larson: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Wood


Ursulina Stepan: Portal

30th Anniversary Salon Show

Kelly Leichert: Refugia

Jason Gress: Mousetrap

Robert Bos: Surroundings

Real Estate: Ceremonies of Possession

Bev Pike: Hysteria Chronicles

Animal Dreams - Tamara Bond, Kristin Bjornerud


Ernie Klinger: Night Painting

Annual Salon Show

Sarah Beck: ODE​

Jim Graham: Metropolis

Contested Histories

Alison Norlen: Mirage

Erik Norbraten: Studies

Studio Furniture


OTHER space: 6 degrees of exploration

Annual Salon Show

Visions of Youth

Ryan Arnott: Jump


Anne Meggitt: Timeless

Engendered Space

Holly Fay: Plain

Jeff Nachtigall: Evolution of Pollution



Zhang-Yang Huang: The Bitter and the Sweet

Sheila Nourse: Artifact

Annual Salon Show

Lorne Beug: Books and Scrolls


Behind Closed Doors

The Soft Touch (SCC)


Andrew Valko


Out of the Studio: Flatland Artists Studio

Generation Next

Sherry Farrell-Racette: Dolls For Big Girls

Annual Salon Show

Critical Sites: Environmental Works

Joan Scaglione: Exposed Journey

Ruth Welsh: A Common Treasury

Kohkominahkesis: 1st Nations Textiles

Body Language: Hauser, Coop

Strangers in a Strange Land

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