The Outside the Box exhibition series is a members' only, non-curated program for Art Gallery of Regina (AGR) members to show and sell their work. 

The AGR has a long history of working with and supporting local artists and guilds since its inception as an experimental satellite project of the Norman MacKenzie Gallery in 1974. The AGR continues to value its founding mission of reaching new audiences and programming work by local and regional artists.


Visit the AGR office, call us at  306-522-5940 or email info@artgalleryofregina.ca for to purchase artworks; for information on how to take part, please see our submissions page.

Current Outside The Box Exhibitions


Hallway Gallery & Display Case

Wendy Parsons, Lynne Howes & Pat Aldred

The Eye, the Sky: Friendship and the Art of Outdoor Painting

curated by Dianne Warren

August 4 - September 29, 2022

Pat Aldred, Lynne Howes and Wendy Parsons have known each other for decades, but they first came together as artists in life drawing sessions at the Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery about ten years ago. When the sessions and models were no longer available, they decided to continue meeting weekly to advance their study of technique and support one another in their art practices. Over several years, they worked methodically through the books The Natural Way to Draw and The Fundamentals of Watercolour Painting.


In the summer of 2019, they began to meet outdoors in various locations around Moose Jaw, applying their knowledge of gesture and watercolour technique to the practice of plein air painting. When Covid19 struck, this practice allowed them to continue their

The eye and the sky OTB.png

weekly meetings in spite of the pandemic.


Artists working outdoors need to adapt continuously to shifts in light, wind and sky. Perhaps the movement encountered in an ever-changing landscape is the reason so many plein air painters turn to watercolour. There is an organic, fluid relationship between paint, water and paper, one that makes advantageous a confidence with gesture and the ability to work quickly. As the landscape changes before one’s eyes, so paint and water arrange themselves in sometimes surprising ways before the pigment stabilizes on the paper. It's interesting to think of three artists working together but apart from one another in the same outdoor space, three sets of eyes simultaneously studying different planes in the landscape.


One might ask, why work together when art-making is such a solitary act? For these artists, there is no question of the value of their weekly sessions, which they describe as a serious commitment to both friendship and critical learning, and an affirming part of their ongoing art practice.


Pat Aldred has been drawing and mark making since childhood. She took fine arts classes at the University of Regina, has attended numerous artist-led workshops, and undertaken self-directed studies in drawing and watercolour painting. She maintains a studio practice in Moose Jaw, and has exhibited in group shows at the Hand Wave Gallery and Anna Hergert Studio. Watercolour and plein air painting have become the focus of her work.


Lynne Howes began her studies at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and graduated from the Vancouver School of Art (now Emily Carr) with a major in painting, after which she exhibited in group shows in BC. After moving back to Saskatchewan in 1996, she continued to take classes in drawing, watercolour and acrylic painting. She has maintained a studio practice for many years, and in recent years plein air painting has been central to her work.


Wendy Parsons completed a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Saskatchewan with a major in Fine Arts, and a Master’s degree in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester, UK. She is a former Education Coordinator for the Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery and co-owner operator of Parsons Dietrich Pottery in Moose Jaw. She has maintained a full-time art practice in ceramics for many years, which she now combines with painting.

View and purchase in-person at the Art Gallery of Regina (2420 Elphinstone Street) or online.

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Hallway & Display Case

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The Art Gallery of Regina is proud to offer two Outside The Box exhibition venues for members: The Hallway Gallery and Glass Display Case.

The Outside the Box exhibition series is a non-curated/non-juried program aimed at creating additional opportunities for AGR members to display and sell their artwork. The AGR does not pay fees to participants in these non-curated member opportunities.

These non-juried shows complement our main gallery programming. Outside the Box shows are an ideal opportunity for emerging, amateur and recreational artists!

**Please note: we are not currently accepting submissions to the Outside the Box Hallway Gallery; this space is booked through the end of 2023. The Art Gallery of Regina will inform our membership when submissions for the Hallway Gallery reopen.

See our Submissions page for details on these spaces and what your submission should contain.

Please specify which space you are applying for in your subject line: Application for Outside the Box Hallway or the Application for Outside the Box Display Case.

Send submissions to: info@artgalleryofregina.ca



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