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Holophon Audio Arts
Holophon Listening Station 2023-2024: "Seasons"


image: "Holophon Listening Station" Jon Vaughn, 2023

"Sound art can stand alone as an artwork or be one part of a whole. Sound is essential to our experience of the world, and these artists use the creation & manipulation of sound as their artistic medium."- from the Listening Station didactic text

The Listening Station: Seasons

Seasons, the inaugural project of Holophon and AGR's Listening Station, is a year long soundscape project featuring four members of the Holophon collective and four guests from the Regina sound art community. Each pairing individually presents their unique response to that season, potentially incorporating field recordings, sonic experimentation and journalistic composition.

The Listening Station is located at the Art Gallery of Regina, in the Neil Balkwill Community Arts Centre. 

Schedule of Programs for Seasons

  • October 5th, 2023 - January 5th, 2024

    • Hilarey Cowan and Cat Haines​

  • ​January 10th, 2024 - April 10th, 2024

    • Cameron Wiest and Gary Wasyliw​

  • April 15th, 2024 - July 10th, 2024

    • ​Jon Vaughn and Jaye Kovach​

  • July  15th, 2024 - October 15th, 2024

    • Ian Campbell and Amber Goodwyn

Artist Introductions












Thaw by Jon Vaughn (13:04)

A composition in four parts using field recordings, acoustic guitar and cymbal, Thaw is multidisciplinary artist Jon Vaughn’s contribution to Holophon and Art Gallery of Regina’s Listening Station project, Seasons. Spanning a year from Autumn 2023 to Summer 2024, Vaughn’s work was made for the Spring edition. 

Find Jon's work here:





009 False Spring by DJ Dyke Boyfriend (5:45)

Holophon Audio Arts is a non-profit organization supporting sound art and experimental music in Saskatchewan. The organization was founded in 2008 and is centered in Treaty 4 Territory/Regina.

Holophon engages communities using sound as an artistic medium, promoting sound art and experimental music through live performances, concerts, workshops, community events, and educational programming. In our projects we look for ways to unite artists and audiences across disciplines and specializations using sound as an integral artistic component.

Holophon works to increase awareness of and to develop sound art practices in the province of Saskatchewan and on the Great Plains of Canada, and to encourage and facilitate discussion around critical and creative listening.


To learn more about Holophon Audio Arts, and to see other Holophon events, please visit:

Holophon Audio Arts and the Art Gallery of Regina wish to acknowledge our funders for this project:

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