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Current Exhibition 

View from the Edge of the World

Catherine Joa, Gladys Wozny Siemens, Golboo Amani, Mike Keepness, SpekWork Studio and Vera Saltzman & Sue Bland

August 18 - October 22, 2023

Public Reception Thursday, October 5, 6 PM

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images:  Don't Forget to Smile YA JACKFISH, Catherine Joa. (Photo: Catherine Joa); Desiccation II, Gladys Wozny Siemens. (Photo: G Wozny Siemens); Unsettling Settlers: Intervention, Golboo Amani. (Photo by Manolo Lugo); Buffalo Canvas, Sue Bland. (Photo: Vera Saltzman); Sad Moon Rising (detail of installation Where will the frogs sing?), Vera Saltzman and Sue Bland. (Photo by Vera Saltzman); GAN of Living Skies, SpekWork Studio. (Video by SpekWork Studio).

View from the Edge of the World engages with and subverts Capitalist models of representing and thinking about land. Landscape painting traditions depend upon severing relationships with the land to turn it into a commodity to be consumed and harnessed as a symbol to unify a population. 

Offering more than conventionally pretty images, artists in this exhibition work in media ranging from plaster casts to plein air painting and create situations that include a faux kitchen gathering place, a board game that counters narratives of conquest with collaboration, and a solar-powered machine that generates fake sunsets. 

Our prairie landscape is not flat and featureless, dropping into nothingness at the horizon; it is full of lives, stories, unnoticed beauty and miraculous transformation. The presence of roads, graffiti, industrial farming, spiritual practices, settlement processes, technology and climate change are integral to these depictions of the land. We need new images of this place to discover its overlooked worth and craft a more profound harmony with it.

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Catherine Joa, Vera Saltzman and Sue Bland,  Gladys Wozny Siemens and SpekWork Studio recognize the generous support of SK-Arts who supported the production and dissemination of their work for this exhibition.

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

The Canada Council for the Arts is Canada’s public arts funder, with a mandate to foster and promote the study and enjoyment of, and the production of works in, the arts. The Council champions and invests in artistic excellence through a broad range of grants, services, prizes and payments to professional Canadian artists and arts organizations. Its work ensures that excellent, vibrant and diverse art and literature engages Canadians, enriches their communities and reaches markets around the world. The Council also raises public awareness and appreciation of the arts through its communications, research and arts promotion activities. It is responsible for the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, which promotes the values and programs of UNESCO in Canada to contribute to a more peaceful, equitable and sustainable future. The Canada Council Art Bank operates art rental programs and helps further public engagement with contemporary arts.

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Media Coverage

Wozny Siemens, Gladys & Moore, Sandee. "'View From the Edge of the World' at the Art Gallery of Regina." Saskatchewan Weekend. Shauna Powers. CBC Radio. August 19, 2023.

"Shorts: Five Cross-Country Shows: We take you to Hamilton, Iqaluit, Regina, Toronto and Courtenay, B.C." Galleries West, August 24, 2023,

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The Art Gallery of Regina gratefully acknowledges its core funders and community sponors.

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