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Peace Akintade: Do I Intimidate?

April 2 - June 29, 2022

Do I Intimidate? is a look into the colonialism of clothing and how it plays into the intersectional narrative of the modern immigrant. Using Interdisciplinary media including poetry, videography, and self-portraits, Peace Akintade shares one of the most intimate activities in Yoruba culture, Gele-making.


Gele is a large and elaborate head-tie covering the head and ears of a Yoruba woman, a sign of empowerment and pride, each Gele is tailored to invite and entice those around her. After ten years in Canada, Peace has seen the distortion of the Gele, from a spectacular ensemble of fabrics to simple ties around the head. A metaphor for the conformation of Nigerian culture to Western standards, Do I Intimidate? shamelessly exhibits the beauty of Gele-making and the sophistication of pushing society's limitations.


The project is created by a team of BIPOC artists from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Photographer: Emmanuel Wani

Designer: Aldeneil Española Jr. Makeup Artist: Theodora Addo

Gele Artist: Mrs. Ogunrinde

Creative Director and Writer: Peace Akintade

Location: Remai Modern Gallery

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