Outside the Box

The Art Gallery of Regina is proud to offer two Outside The Box exhibition venues for members: The Hallway Gallery and Glass Display Case.

The Outside the Box exhibition series is a non-curated/non-juried program aimed at creating additional opportunities for AGR members to display and sell their artwork. The AGR does not pay fees to participants in these non-curated member opportunities.

These non-juried shows complement our main gallery programming. Outside the Box shows are an ideal opportunity for emerging, amateur and recreational artists!

We have two options for display:

Hallway Gallery

The hallway gallery features 42 running feet of  wall display space directly outside the main gallery and can accommodate 8-10 pieces of two-dimensional work. 

Glass Display Case
The glass display case is a locked display cabinet measuring 52"h x 45"w x 21"d suitable for both two and three-dimensional artwork.

Submission process  

Outside The Box exhibitions are limited for Art Gallery of Regina members. Visit our become a member page for further information on memberships. Interested members should submit a brief exhibition proposal describing the work they wish to show (including subject matter, media, size, and number of pieces available) and enclose a maximum of three digital images.

Please specify which space you are applying for in your subject line: Application for Outside the Box Hallway or the Application for Outside the Box Display Case.

Send submissions to:

Outside the Box submissions are reviewed monthly.



The Art Gallery of Regina is an independent, non-profit contemporary art gallery. Always free, our exhibitions address experiences and issues relevant to Saskatchewan and its residents. We are excited by artists and projects that provide opportunities for audiences to have meaningful experiences, discover new perspectives or tell their stories.

The Art Gallery of Regina mounts four Main Gallery exhibitions per year, programmed by the Curator of Exhibitions and Programming. The AGR is a category I gallery; fees for main gallery exhibitions are informed by the CARFAC minimum fee schedule.


Proposals serve to make us aware of an artist's work, and to consider for exhibitions. Please note that most exhibitions at The Art Gallery of Regina are not drawn from proposals and are curated by staff. The curator may respond to an exhibition proposal with a request for a studio visit. Generally, exhibitions at the Art Gallery of Regina are curated three years in advance.

The Art Gallery of Regina (AGR) presents the work of professional artists, primarily mid-career artists, in its engaging, inclusive, and relevant programming that reflects the diversity of contemporary art practices and the community in which we live. Priority is given to artists living in Saskatchewan or with a Saskatchewan connection. We enrich our programming by occasionally including innovative approaches, critical voices, and relevant dialogues by artists from outside Saskatchewan, often drawing upon contiguous lands encompassed by Treaties 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10.

The objectives for the AGR's four annual curated exhibitions are: 

  • to contribute new knowledge, a unique perspective or innovative technique to the artistic discipline; 

  • to engage with issues in our local context;

  • and to facilitate communication between artists and audiences.​


The AGR's curator invites contact from artists whose work intersects with her research interests and thematic exhibition topics, which include:

  • technology (video games, virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive electronics)

  • (re)creating what is lost or never existed

  • immateriality

  • land and identity

  • mining, oil & gas industry and natural resource exploitation

  • stitching and needle-based practices

  • performance art & the body

  • relationships to non-human entities (i.e. animals, non-living things, spirits)

  • fairy tales and folk tales

  • pandemics (beyond COVID19)

  • semiotics of leisure

Sandee Moore, Curator of Exhibitions and Programming at the Art Gallery of Regina:

Gallery floor plan