members show and sale 2021

Installation view of the Art Gallery of Regina's Members' Show & Sale, 2021.

Members' Show & Sale Fundraiser

May 6-22, 2022

The Art Gallery of Regina's annual Members' Show & Sale features over 300 original works by more than 100 members from across the province. Showcasing the diverse media and approaches from Art Gallery of Regina's members, each one-of-a-kind item in the main gallery from May 6 – May 22 is for sale.


Prices are accessible to anyone looking to bring more art into their lives while honouring the many years of hard work artists have invested in developing their talents and unique artistic voices.

A much-anticipated event, The Art Gallery of Regina's Members' Show & Sale, is an exciting opportunity for the gallery's members to exhibit and sell their work while supporting our programming. A

portion of proceeds from the Members' Show & Sale supports the Art Gallery of Regina's free exhibitions and affordable workshops. The Art Gallery of Regina is a non-profit, public gallery and a registered charity.

Artworks may be purchased in-person, at the gallery, or via PayPal through our online artwork sales page.


The Gallery is open during regular hours (Mon - Thurs: 11 AM - 7 PM; Fri - Sun: 1 - 5 PM) for the duration of the Members' Show & Sale. Admission is free.

We do not ship or deliver artworks. Pick up your purchases (bring your payment receipt with you) at the Art Gallery of Regina (2420 Elphinstone Street) on Tuesday, May 24, from 11AM to 7 PM. Participating members are asked to pick up any unsold work at this time as well. ​

Partner Program

Brushworks' Art Guild Show & Sale

May 27, 28, 29, 2022

for information, visit Brushworks Art Guild's website.

Messages from the Rocks – Stories of the Invisible

Linda Duvall & Jillian McDonald

June 2 - July 31, 2022


Photo Credit: Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Regina Urban Wildlife Project.

Linda Duvall and Jillian McDonald’s project Messages from the Rocks – Stories of the Invisible empowers the public as co-creators to imagine and share stories of the unseen forces that animate the land through walks, drawing, and creating a Field Guide to the Invisible.

This project activates audiences through various means, such as walks, storytelling, drawing and questions. Extending beyond the gallery, the artists invite the public to join them for "nature walks" that direct attention to animals that we may not normally observe, spirits that live on the land and the un-observable slowness of geological change.


Their projects outside the gallery include posters and flags that direct people's attention to the unseen and unexplainable in the environment around us. These flags are printed with wildlife trail cam images that have been discarded by scientists because they failed to photograph the animals being studied. Instead, the artists present a new way of viewing the scientifically worthless images - light flares, blurs and copious foliage - as starting points to imagine what might be.

The transformative power of imagination and privileging non-Western systems of knowledge will take place in the gallery as well. The artists have prepared trail cam photographs featuring an "uncinematic miasma" for gallery visitors to draw on and imagine the unseen.

The limited-edition field guide, based on traditional field guides to the natural world, will serve as an exhibition in itself and evidence of the collaborative activities developed by the artists at The Art Gallery of Regina. It will include a entries on invisible but deeply felt encounters created in collaboration with community members.

Many cultures around the world have stories about the spirits and creatures who live in the land. Have you felt a connection with the non-human or something you cannot wholly understand while spending time in nature? Have you discovered a passageway in or around Regina, such as in land or water? Real or imagined, seen or unseen, fantasy or fact. Is there something you have seen in Wascana Lake, for example? Did you sense something watching you, though you couldn't see it? The answers to these questions will inform this guide.

Public activities will begin with a flag-raising ceremony at the termination of the Cathedral Village Arts Festival parade on Monday, May 23 at the Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre (2420 Elphinstone Street).


Experience Messages from the Rocks – Stories of the Invisible in the AGR's Main Gallery from June 2 – July 31and through numerous offsite, public events.


May 23 ..... Cathedral Village Arts Festival parade and flag-raising ceremony

May 28 ..... Messages from the Rocks - Stories of the Invisible at Cathedral Village Arts Festival Street Festival

May 29 ..... Nature Walk attending to the Invisible (2-4 pm)

June 2 ..... Workshop: Build a Bat Detector (7-8 PM) partnership with holophon audio arts

June 2 ..... Nature Walk attending to Bats (8-10 PM)

June 5 ..... Nature Walk attending to Land (2-4 PM)

June 9 ..... Nature Walk attending to Birds (7-9 PM)

SAB FINAL LOGO CMYK Feb 24, 2020-01.png

The Art Gallery of Regina gratefully recognizes the support of Sk-Arts' Artists' in Communities program for this residency and community-engaged project. The artists' deep engagement with the community would not be possible without this funding.

Visit our Community-Engaged Projects: Messages from the Rocks – Stories of the Invisible webpage for more information about this creative residency and community-engaged project by Linda Duvall & Jillian McDonald.

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