A Pea Can Be Chopped Up and Reassembled Into the Sun

June 4 - July 31, 2021

Phomohobes, Paul Robles, Gerry Ruecker, Rhayne Vermette

curated by Sandee Moore

The Banach–Tarski paradox in geometry proves the counter-intuitive idea that "a pea can be chopped up and reassembled into the Sun." While cutting up and reassembling a ball to increase its volume confounds basic geometric intuition, the notion that the blade is not destructive but creative is familiar magic to collage artists.


While many of us envision collage as a thrifty craft project requiring little more than scissors, paste and magazines (the sort undesirable even to pass the time in a medical clinic waiting room), collage was once the most avant-garde and inherently political of media.


The four artists and collectives - Phomohobes, Gerry Ruecker, Paul Robles, and Rhayne Vermette - in A Pea Can Be Chopped Up and Reassembled into the Sun embrace the illogical spatial aspects of collage to create undreamed of fantasy spaces, from modest interiors to entire worlds.  


Phomohobes, the art-making duo of Jason Cawood & Colby Richardson, queer the normative desires of vintage architecture magazines. Rhayne Vermette builds phantasmagoric structures from transparent slivers of film sourced from family photos and found footage. Gerry Ruecker piles ornament on ornament; the bricoleur has invented the ideal furniture for his compatriots' imagined rooms. Paul Robles doesn't cut up and piece together images so much as draws with scissors, unscrolling a continuous body of paper that refuses to be one thing, constantly shifting from ghoulish mask to intertwined web of symbolic animals and plants.

Rhayne Vermette, Self Portrait, imax collage, 2020.

photo courtesy of the artist.

Gerry Ruecker, from the series 99 Constructions From Piano Mallets, 11"x9"x7", mixed media, 2020

Imagined Objects

August 6 - September 26, 2021

Jessica Morgun and Tamara Rusnak

Tamara Rusnak, Seeker, wood, clay, wire, 2018.

Natures of Reality

October 7 - November 30, 2021

Lisa Birke

The AGR thanks Common Weal Community Arts for facilitating co-creation of artworks between the artist and community members.

Lisa Birke, Disaster Series, video installation, 2021.

Where The Sky Carries The Sun

December 2021 - February 2022 (dates TBD pending gallery renovation)

Katherine Boyer

Due to COVID-19 disruptions, the Art Gallery of Regina rescheduled Boyer's solo exhibition, Where the Sky Carries the Sun, for 2022. 

The Art Gallery of Regina, in partnership with AKA Artist-Run (Saskatoon), offers intimate glimpses into artist Katherine Boyer's online sketchbook. 

For more information about Boyer's project that launched on www.tofeelclose.com on October 27, 2002, visit our online exhibitions tab.

Katherine Boyer, Where the Sky Carries the Sun, 2020.