We Are All Electric Beings

Rachel Broussard, Alyssa Ellis, Heather Shillinglaw and Laurel Terlesky

curator: Sandee Moore

October 13, 2022 - January 8, 2023

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Images (left to right): Rachel Broussard, Climate Anxiety, 2022; Laurel Terlesky, Tenacity of Hope, 2019; Heather Shillinglaw, Miyotamon (Prairies) [detail], 2022; Alyssa Ellis, Plant Vacation, 2019.

Between Us

Chantel Schultz, Denise Flaman, George Glenn, Hanna Yokozawa Farquharson, Jeff Meldrum, Judy McNaughton, Kelly Litzenberger, Last Birds, Melanie Monique Rose, Sylvia Thompson, Tim Moore, Nicole Charlebois-Rinas

curator: Sandee Moore

January 18 – March 5, 2023

Between Us is a long-term creative relationship – part mentorship and part collaboration. Under the guidance of senior artist Aganetha Dyck, who has been creating artwork with honeybee collaborators for over two decades, twelve artists and collectives across Saskatchewan are learning her techniques for interspecies and interdisciplinary collaboration. Between Us refers to the distances and differences between us and the wondrous experiences that bind us together. "Us," in this instance, includes human and non-human collaborators. 


Artists matched with local beekeepers place objects into hives for bees to augment with their golden wax. The surprises emerging from artists, bees, and beekeepers working together are essential to the creative outcomes of Between Us, which challenge artists' expectations and familiar ways of working and create respect between disciplines and species.


This long-term project anchors the AGR in local communities, providing extraordinary growth opportunities for artists. More than an exhibition, Between Us offers reciprocal learning, understanding, relationship-building and caring, which extends to audiences of the resultant artworks. By showing bee-created artworks, Between Us invites the public to dismiss their fears and value honey bees and conscious and creative agents.  

Learn more about this multi-year interdisciplinary, interspecies collaboration on our Between Us community-engaged project page.

Memories of the Sun

Sylvia Matas & Anne Brochu Lambert

curator: Sandee Moore

March 10 – April 30, 2023


Images left to right: Anne Brochu Lambert, RIVES (Series Impermanent / Éphémère II), mixed media on paper, 20 x 16 inches, 2021; Sylvia Matas, Looming, 2021, 35 min, single-channel video loop, silent.

Tourist is an ugly word, often pronounced with disdain. Yet, following more than two years of restricted access to travel, traveling to other places is a cherished aspiration of many. The tourist figure is oft-imagined shackled at the neck by a weighty camera. Banal snapshots define ideal escapes, endlessly duplicated by myriad sightseers over the ages.

Regina-based painter Anne Brochu Lambert uses discarded amateur photographs of holiday spots she has never visited as the basis for her mixed media works on paper Impermanent / Éphémères 1 and Impermanent / Éphémères 2. Brochu Lambert deconstructs these trite vacation vistas, once treasured memories purchased from a garage sale and rebuilds dreamy and emotionally-charged landscapes in layers of vinyl gouache, markers, graphite, inks, spray paint and gold leaf.

Sylvia Matas’ photographs, videos and bookworks describe a sentimental longing to be a wanderer elsewhere. Just as the holiday exists outside our daily lives and thus outside of time, Matas stretches time by creating an expectation that is never satisfied in her appropriated security camera footage. The artist obsessively combs the internet for live-streamed footage from surveillance cams, capturing and reframing the most absurd - a close-up view of leaves obscuring the lens or a parking lot in which nothing happens - as absurdly beautiful.

These artists re-write the voyeuristic and appropriative urge of the tourist to record a memory indistinguishable from any other in their eccentric, evocative and aching portraits of lonely places visited through the mediated lens of mid-century snapshots and web-streamed video.