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Outside the Box Exhibition: Display Case Gallery

Bonnie McBride
Pieces of Me
May 18 - June 28, 2023

Artist's Statement

During the COVID lockdown, Bonnie McBride expanded her book and journal-making practice to hardcover and softcover books. McBride describes her handmade books as "fractured, renewed, and reconstructed." Each unique book in the exhibition Pieces of Me incorporates favourite bits of fabric and paper, stitched and bound into signatures and paired with covers fashioned from hand-painted paper, rag paper, book cloth, leather, or bamboo paper. McBride's materials run the gamut from mixed media, watercolour, eco-dyed prints, and hand-painted paper to digital printables and junk journals. McBride further personalizes her books with pockets and "tuck spots" for treasures.

Bonnie McBride has been creating art for 25 years. Her mark-making practice extends to many media, including painting in watercolours, acrylics, and oils and drawing in ink, coloured pencil and soft pastels. She also enjoys sewing and slow stitching, which she has incorporated, along with collage techniques, into a body of works called Pieces of Me. For more information and photos of the Pieces of Me project, visit Bonnie's

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