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The Art Gallery of Regina is a tenant in the Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre, which aims to make all of its facilities broadly accessible.


  • Both front and back doors are double-wide doors equipped with automatic door openers activated by a push or bump bar;

  • Double doors in foyer open in delayed sequence;

  • If back door is locked, push doorbell for five seconds and city staff will provide access;

  • Gallery double doors are propped open, except when directed to be closed due to artist's request or pubic health directive;

  • Courtyard doors are single-width and are not equipped with automatic door openers.


  • Women's washroom has four stalls, one of which is larger to improve accessibility;

  • Men's washroom has two urinals and two stalls, one of which is larger to improve accessibility;

  • Accessible stalls are fitted with grab bars.


  • Two accessible parking stalls parallel to the access road and close to the paved path to the front entrance door;

  • Two accessible parking stalls at the back door accessed via a short, angled drive from the main parking lot and access road.



  • Paved paths leading from the parking lot and the bus stop/sidewalk on Elphinstone Street to the building are regularly cleared of snow and other hazards;

  • The cement footpath surface is fairly smooth and free of pitted areas, cracks and potholes;

  • Gradual slopes where the path meets lower surfaces;

  • Sections of the footpaths were repaved in 2019/20.

The AGR strives to make our spaces, exhibitions, and programs accessible and safe for everyone. We are committed to ongoing conversations and learning around our accessibility measures as we recognize that access needs are individual, and that these needs may change. If you have any questions related to your own access needs, or if you have any feedback on any of our current accessibility measures, please reach out to us at: or 306.522.5940

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