Messages from the Rocks - Stories of the Invisible

Summer 2021 & 2022

Linda Duvall and Jillian McDonald

The Art Gallery of Regina is thrilled to announce that the community-engaged exploration of profound experiences with the unseen, Messages from the Rocks - Stories of the Invisible, by artists Linda Duvall and Jillian McDonald, has been awarded an SK-arts Artists In Communities grant


Artists Duvall and McDonald are creating an alternative field guide to unexplained events in Regina with human and non-human spirits, wanderers, or legends. Our research will take the form of consultations with diverse members of the community whose extraordinary encounters will shape this project. We feel strongly that all contributors are valuable experts. We recognize that these situations are elusive and not easy to describe. The Field Guide is a form of honouring our contributors.


Many cultures around the world have stories about the spirits and creatures who live in the land. Have you felt a connection with the non-human or something you cannot wholly understand while spending time in nature? Have you discovered a passageway in or around Regina, such as in land or water? Real or imagined, seen or unseen, fantasy or fact. Is there something you have seen in Wascana Lake, for example? Did you sense something watching you, though you couldn't see it? The answers to these questions will inform this guide.


The limited-edition field guide, based on traditional field guides to the natural world, will serve as an exhibition in itself and evidence of the collaborative activities developed by the artists at The Art Gallery of Regina. It will include a map to invisible but deeply felt encounters. We envision this deliverable as a gift to local communities via libraries, kindergartens, community centers, etc. This thoughtfully designed object will reflect the project in its material presence, including excerpts from individual stories, drawings contributed by participants, and other documentary evidence from the community-based activities.

the dig videos.png

Duvall and McDonald's collaborative 2-channel video in which the two artists dug holes together on their respective properties in Saskatchewan and New York serves as the starting point of this residency and expanded artwork called The Dig


The Art Gallery of Regina is grateful to Sk Arts for funding this community-engaged artist residency project.