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Ritual & Lore

Ayla Dmyterko, Blair Fornwald & Brette Gabel, Audie Murray, Marigold Santos, Zoë Schneider, & Maia Stark

AUGUST 28 - OCTOBER 31, 2020


Guest Curated by Jess Richter


Zoë Schneider, Moon Pools, 2020

In tech-heavy contemporary Canada, traditional knowledge and lore may seem outdated and a relic of older days. However, looking at both social movements and lifestyle trends, it is apparent that new generations are showing an interest in the traditions of their lands and their ancestors.


The recent resurgence in marginalized peoples reclaiming traditional knowledge and a rise in witchcraft practitioners attest to a desire to use folk practices and natural cycles to define our place and identity. New practitioners of old tradition engage with it in a socially conscious mode, seeking connections to their ancestors, heritage and meaningful connections to the lands we live on and the places inhabited by our ancestors.


Closing Reception sponsored by Happy Hi Coffee!

Media Coverage: CTV Morning | GalleriesWest
Register for the Closing Reception on October 26
online registration in now closed; call 306-522-5940 to book a time to attend, either 7:40 - 8:10 PM or 8:20 - 8:50 PM. We will also stream to Facebook Live at 7:30 PM.

All attendees will receive a free goody bag of baked treats from Happy Hi Coffee!  Each bag will contain a sample of each of the recipes from Blair Fornwald & Brette Gabel's project Recipe Book of the Dead, including Brette's "Finnish" Flatbread, Kristin's Oma's Neighbour's Potato Chip Cookies, and Blair's Grandma Leona's Chocolate Molasses Cookies!


Images (left to right):

Marigold Santos, Shroud (Dirty Harvester), 2015;  Ayla Dmyterko, Solastalgic Soliloquy, 2020; Blair Fornwald & Brette Gabel, Recipe Book of the Dead (Oiji Board), 2017; Maia Stark, How It Feels, 2020; Audie Murray, Portal Blanket, 2020. 

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