Katherine Boyer: Where the Sky Carries The Sun

Katherine Boyer

Where the Sky Carries the Sun

October 27 – November 9, 2020

online project


Through distance and closure, there is the potential to become closer: closer to artist's processes, research and the experiences that inform their work.


The Art Gallery of Regina, in partnership with AKA Artist-Run (Saskatoon), offers intimate glimpses into artist Katherine Boyer's online sketchbook. Boyer explores quieted, liminal spaces where elements meet as metaphorically conducive to understanding the fluidity of personal and cultural identity through family archives. Boyer's research and artmaking labour spans (and bridges) textiles, carpentry and horizon lines. Boyer harnesses architecture to begin unravelling what we know and how we know it.


Due to COVID-19 disruptions, the Art Gallery of Regina rescheduled Boyer's solo exhibition, Where the Sky Carries the Sun, for 2022.

*Tofeelclose.com is organized by AKA artist-run

Imaginary Exhibition: Green & Gold

What has social isolation in the age of COVID-19 revealed to us? Perhaps that the intangible, immaterial and imperfectly recalled has the power to show us the potential of art to transform our world.

From these thoughts emerges a strange point of inspiration: an un-memory of an audacious curatorial project by Andrew Hunter in my hometown art gallery in the 1990s that I never saw.

The mental image I have pieced together from half-remembered and fractured reportage of Hunter’s show provides a suitably ungraspable starting point for an exhibition of objects displayed in the AGR's closed gallery.

Similar to the exhibition that inspired it, this Imaginary Exhibition, as I have termed it, will never be whole or concrete, only incompletely glimpsed as bits (and bytes) on social media.

Hunter's exhibition has taken on mythical proportions in my memory, but the details are scant; thus, the entire picture is unformed and lacks definition. What I think I know is that Hunter painted the entire gallery, walls and pedestals, a rich cobalt blue to contrast with his selection of all-white sculpture. The gaps in my knowledge are considerable: I don't know the name of the exhibition or the artist or artists involved. Maybe, these blanks and unknowns are there to be filled with potential.

Perhaps, it is now my idea to distort at-will.

I'm eager to put a regional spin on this half-remembered exhibition re-imagined for socially-distant viewing. I have invited members of the Art Gallery of Regina's Board of Directors to submit an object for display on a pedestal in our sealed gallery. I'm not about to paint the walls and pedestals I just finished repairing; instead, I'm flipping Hunter's concept – all the objects on display in our all-white gallery are the green and gold of the Saskatchewan flag.

Imaginary curated by Sandee Moore

Artists' Studio Tours Video Series

Get a behind the scenes look at how artists create their work, what inspires them and their other passions. 

First Video In the Artists' Studio Tours Video Series: Lindsay Arnold

Get a peek inside artist Lindsay Arnold's studio. Get insights into how she creates her artwork, what inspires her and her other passions. Arnold's solo exhibition Tedium was exhibited at the Art Gallery of Regina in 2018.

Second Video In the Artists' Studio Tours Video Series: Caitlin Thompson

Caitlin Thompson's studio is exactly the working environment you would imagine for an artist who painstakingly embroiders bloody tree stumps on occult-tinged Western wear. Thompson's solo exhibition DandyLines was exhibited at the Art Gallery of Regina in 2019.

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