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Experience the landmark and paradigm-shifting New York City drag scene of the 1980s and 1990s through the lens of Linda Simpson, an integral member of this scene, in the exhibition The Drag Explosion. Simpsons photographs are presented in an exhibion of prints for the first time ever by guest curator Gary Varro .


Exhibition: August 11 - September 28, 2022

Opening reception: August 11, 7-9 PM

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Music for Plants Listening Party

Veg out with plant sounds on a Monday night.

Hosted by holophon audio arts' Ernie Dulanowsky, this listening session invites you to rediscover lost, outlandish and ultimately inspiring notions by artists creating sound not for an audience of fellow humans but for plants.


Monday, September 26, 2022

8:00 - 9:00 PM

check out the party recording:

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Masterclass: Abstracting the Landscape

Susan Woolgar, an accomplished artist and teacher, will lead this Fall's Masterclass: Abstracting the Landscape. She will challenge masterclass participants to change how they perceive the world around them. Exercises in colour theory, expressive mark-making, and design will awaken inspiration and enable artists to interpret the landscape personally and dynamically.  Painters of all levels are welcome. 

DATES: October 28, 29th, 30th

TIMES: 9 - 4 pm daily

COST: $375 Members | $410 non-members

LOCATION: Eastview Community Centre

REGISTER: online ( or by calling 306-522-5940.

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Plant Spa

Audiences can observe and participate as artist and horticulturalist Alyssa Ellis performs Plant Spa in her gallery installation.

Members of the community are invited treat their houseplants to a spa treatment performed in the gallery. (It is free to book a spa treatment for a companion plant; participation is limited to 14 plants allocated on a first-come, first served basis.)


Thursday, October 13, 2022

7:30 - 8:30 PM

Book your FREE plant spa treatment here:

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This page is an archive of research, the production residency and community-engaged projects by Linda Duvall and Jillian McDonald for their project Messages from the Rocks - Stories of the Invisible at the Art Gallery of Regina.


Research residency: Summer 2021

Public programs begin: May 23, 2022

Exhibition: June 2 - July 31, 2022

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Between Us is a long-term creative relationship ­– part mentorship, part collaboration – connecting senior artist Aganetha Dyck with selected artists, beekeepers and honeybees in Regina, Yorkton, Swift Current, Estevan and Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. 


Between Us refers to the distances and differences between us, especially evident during social isolation due to COVID-19. The project title also refers to the wondrous experiences that bind us together; "us" includes humans and non-human collaborators.

Feb 14 Policy(2).png

Guided by the province of Saskatchewan's and City of Regina's COVID-19 policies, the AGR requests:

  • gallery visitors wear medical masks

  • participants in activities where social distancing is not possible provide proof of vaccination

As of February 14, proof of vaccination is no longer required to visit the building.

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Award-winning photographic artist Vera Saltzman will share her unique hybrid of digital and analogue photography techniques, give viewers a glimpse into her makeshift developing lab, and talk about her unconventional path to becoming an artist.

Watch recording on YouTube:


wilf perreault studio tour

Get a peek inside Wilf Perreault’s studio. Wilf will guide you through an intimate tour of his studio and creative process.

Watch the archived video on Facebook:


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Flow State Drawing & Drone Sessions

Awaken mindfulness, overcome anxiety and boredom, and meet new artistic challenges with the Art Gallery of Regina's free Flow State Drawing & Drone Sessions.

Members of holophon audio arts will craft a sonic atmosphere, known as drone, that reduces distraction while AGR staff guide you through relaxing art exercises. Participants provide their own materials and may join in person or online.


DATES Sept 29, Nov 3, Dec 1

TIME 7 - 10 PM

LOCATION Zoom video conference or in-person


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MAIN GALLERY - Linda Simpson: The Drag Explosion, curated by Gary Varro (August 11 - September 28)



- Pat Aldred, Lynne Howes, & Wendy Parsons: The Eye, the Sky: Friendship and the Art of Outdoor painting  (August 4 - September 29)


Mon-Thurs 11AM - 7PM

Fri-Sun 1PM - 5PM


The AGR is located in the Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre, at 2420 Elphinstone. We are wheelchair accessible. 

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Online Discussion: How Artists and Biologists See Plants Differently

This online discussion forum compares how artists represent plants and compares them with specimens from the George F. Ledingham Herbarium's collection.

Four artists (Heather Shillinglaw, Laurel Terlesky, Rachel Broussard, Alyssa Ellis) for whom the complex biology of plants is a subject will show and discuss examples of their work. Artists will discuss why they value the plants they depict in their artworks, how their method of representation reveals unseen or unknown qualities of their botanical subjects and their perspectives on the role of the artist.


Thursday, September 29, 2022

6:00 - 8:00 PM

video debut, watch on-demand until October 24.

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Stitching and Sharing Circle

Métis artist Heather Shillinglaw, who creates fibre art portraits of traditional medicinal plants, leads a stitching and sharing circle.

Shillinglaw will open the stitching and sharing circle with a poetic spoken account of the relationships she has formed with land and tradition through her research. Shillinglaw and her mother, Elder Shirley Shillinglaw, will share stories and their knowledge of medicinal plants from their family's traditional territory. Following the sharing circle model, everyone will have an opportunity to speak and share.

In lieu of recording or photographing this gathering, a record of the stitching and sharing circle will take the form of a communally-created stitched item. The act of stitching both creates cohesion and a sense of fellowship amongst the group while also serving to sooth anxieties that can accompany speaking in a public context. (Presented in partnership with Sâkêwêwak Artists’ Collective)


Saturday, October 15, 2022

2:00 - 4:00 PM

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Read all about it! The Art Gallery of Regina's Fall 2022 newsletter is available to read online.

What's inside: exhibitions, members' opportunities, Culture Days, workshops, talks, community-engaged projects and ways to get involved in your art community.


Do you want to:

  • get involved in the arts community?

  • have opportunities to show and sell your artwork (participate in members' show & sale and Outside the Box exhibitions)?

  • receive discounts on our workshops and at partner businesses?

  • get our newsletter?

  • support SK artists & culture?


only $40/year

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The Art Gallery of Regina has partnered with Black In Sask on a visual arts-focused second installment of their ‘Black In' panel series.

We are thrilled to share the practices of Black artists living in Saskatchewan, the paths they’ve followed in their artistic careers, their personal experiences of blackness, and how these experiences inform their art.

Read artist bios for Peter Tucker, Hagere Selam "shimby" Zegeye-Gebrihwot & Janielle Ogilvie at

watch the recorded panel here:

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Ruth Chambers

essay by Julia Krueger

Julia Krueger interprets ceramic artist Ruth Chambers’ artful calligraphy of stems and blossoms in her essay Tending Time. This exhibition catalogue features numorous documentation photographs by Don Hall capturing the delicacy of Chambers' solo exhibition, Tend, at the Art Gallery of Regina.

Publication free to read online or download.

r & l catalogue cover

Ayla Dmyterko, Blair Fornwald & Brette Gabel, Audie Murray, Marigold Santos, Zoë Schneider, Maia Stark
curated by Jess Richter

Enjoy images and ideas from Ritual & Lore: download the exhibition catalogue as a free PDF.

The eye and the sky OTB.png

Wendy Parsons, Lynne Howes, and Pat Aldred: The Eye, the Sky: Friendship and the Art of Outdoor Painting

curated by Dianne Warren

This exhibition explores the relationship between the artists, their media, and the outdoors.


August 4 – September 29, 2022

Holiday Art and Craft Sale.png

We are delighted to announce our first online Holiday Art & Craft Sale (November 14 - Dec 12, 2022).

All current AGR Members are invited to submit work to the sale by midnight on October 19th! In addition to our usual submissions categories, we've expanded them for this sale to include textiles, décor, novelty items, giftware + more.

Click the link below to view the submissions form + requirements, and to find out more!

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Daisy Chains to Polynucleotide Chains: Collage Activity

Children who can use scissors (independently or with the assistance of a parent or guardian) are invited to imagine new hybrids of plant and animal in this collage activity.

Cut vivid flowers, fish, birds and mammals from scientific textbooks and nature magazines, then paste them together to create festive chains, while speculating on the purpose of colouration, inherited traits, the ways plants and animals interact, and human uses of plants.


Sunday, October 16, 2022

2:00 - 4:00 PM

video debut, watch on-demand until October 24.


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Plant Adoption

Artist and horticulturalist Alyssa Ellis invites the public to care for plants rescued and rehabilitated from dumpsters with her relational aesthetics artwork Plant Adoption. The terms of the plant adoption contract vividly and viscerally underscore the burden of care and the long-term relationship that must evolve between plant and human; people must bring a vessel to house the plant to the gallery. A plant could be planted in a non-traditional container, such as a jacket pocket or a travel mug, but the plant parent must agree to maintain the plant in this container for its life.


Friday, October 14, 2022

4:00 -5:00 PM

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The AGR is pleased to offer even more ways to support local artists and artisans.  You can now view and acquire works by current Outside the Box exhibitors, Brushworks Art Guild of Regina.

Our updated online art store allows you to purchase artworks online using your credit card. The online art store will be regularly updated to feature works from our Outside the Box (hallway gallery and glass display case) exhibition series, which provides opportunities for members and local artists to show and sell their work.

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A Pea Can Be Chopped Up and Reassembled Into The Sun: Phomohobes, Paul Robles, Gerry Ruecker, Rhayne Vermette

essay by exhibition curator Sandee Moore

What do the magician, the mathematician and the collage artist all have in common? Exhibition curator Sandee Moore connects how these three figures cut up and reassemble bits of the world to create more than what they've started with. She carves up the exhibition into an imagined set of artists' materials - the cut, the rabbit/duck, the frame, infinity, the impossible - and compares the magical generative role of collage to a geometric theorem that proves that cutting and rearranging can increase the volume of matter.

Publication free to read online or download.

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Aganetha Dyck, who became an artist while living in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, has been creating artwork assisted by honeybees and beekeepers for over 20 years. Dyck shares her experiences and examples of artwork created in collaboration with honeybees in this online artist’s talk, in discussion with AGR curator Sandee Moore.

Dyck’s Mennonite heritage and its emphasis on thrift is a source of inspiration for her artwork in which she commonly gives new life to broken and discarded items. Famously, she has reshaped wool sweaters into tiny, shrunken effigies, used family pickling recipes to preserve buttons from the sewing factory that occupied her studio before it was a space for artists and placed hand-crocheted doilies and broken porcelain figurines into beehives to be “mended” by the bees. Dyck’s artworks reframe bees as conscious agents who are creative and multisensorial communicators. While empathy for these insects will not be new to beekeepers, Dyck’s artworks reveal possibilities for the public to dismiss their fear and instead experience empathy and caring for all pollinators.

watch the recorded talk here:

the artist is in 2021

KC Adams (Winnipeg), Carole Epp (Saskatoon) and Brenda Wolf (Regina) share their ceramics practices in conversation.

a recording of this artist's talk and discussion forum is available to view on the AGR's online talks page

pavilion of shadows catalogue

Nic Wilson

Curated and essay by Wayne Baerwaldt

Read Wayne Baerwaldt's exhibition essay accompanied by Don Hall's installation photos of Nic Wilson's Pavilion of Shadows at the Art Gallery of Regina. Read online or download the exhibition catalogue as a free PDF.

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