The Art Gallery of Regina is proud to offer open access exhibitions in addition to our curated programming.  The Outside the Box exhibition series is a members' only, non-curated program aimed at creating additional opportunities for exhibition.  For information on how to take part, please see our submissions page. 


OUTSIDE THE BOX display case

On display ​January 6, 2020 – February 29, 2020

Angel McDowell: From the Antique


I collect objects from someone else’s past.   Photos, clothing, shoes, all relics of a life unknown to me but still sought after. The things I collect become part of my identity as a collector and creator.  By using these artifacts in my work I am, in turn, creating an object of desire, something to be collected.  But I am also endeavoring to give context and meaning to people and things otherwise forgotten.  

Cyanotype prints are used to illustrate memory and also the spiritual realm of the soul.  They are placed next to their physical counterparts which will remain after the artwork has been collected to be re-created again and again.

Angel McDowell is a Canadian artist and writer whose poetry and artwork have appeared in numerous literary magazines. She explores themes of identity, loss, abandonment and childhood through poetry and print media. Her first collection of found word poetry and artwork, titled Cemetery Music, was published this year by Nightingale and Sparrow Press.


On display ​January 6, 2020 – February 29, 2020

Marcelle LeBlanc: Between Nature and Dreams


Having grown up in a small town in the prairies, as a child, I had the freedom to imagine and explore the outdoors. I continue to embrace this way of being and find beauty and delight in nature. Working from observation and imagination, I develop my painting intuitively. The process of painting is uncertain - a discovery. I work in the abstract expressionist manner while moving around the canvas.

Through my brush strokes and colour choices and the images that arise from them, I hope to invite an emotional response in the viewer.

When I first began painting, I worked with watercolour. I gradually added more media - ink, acrylic, and oil - to my repertoire and began painting "en plein air." Now I choose the medium that feels most suitable. The principles that guide my art-making have also evolved, becoming a conversation with nature, eternal themes, and an expression of the internal quietude.


Marcelle LeBlanc is an emerging visual artist. Her art evolves from her connection with nature. She creates with various media, moving through the painting intuitively in an abstract-expressionist style. Her studies include classes, workshops and residencies through the University of Regina, the Life Long Learning centre, the Art Gallery of Regina, Emma Lake, and CARFAC. Her paintings are held in numerous private collections.

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