The Art Gallery of Regina is proud to offer it's members exhibition opportunities in addition to our curated programming.  The Outside the Box exhibition series is a members' only, non-curated program for members to show and sell their work.  For information on how to take part, please see our submissions page.

Outside the Box Exhibitions currently on-view:

  • Showcase: Hally Levesque (July 13 - September 3)

  • Hallway (main): Joviel Buenavente (July 13 - September 6)

  • Balkwill Centre Hallways: Aurora Art Guild (extended until August 28)


July 13 - September 6, 2020


Joviel Buenavente: colour and form


Joviel Buenavente is an emerging multimedia artist based in Regina Saskatchewan. Buenavente earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Regina and works in painting, sculpture, and print-making. He worked as Sean Whalley’s studio assistant for the Nature Pods installation piece temporarily installed in front of Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre. He has exhibited his work at the Fifth Parallel Gallery and The Lobby Gallery in Regina, Saskatchewan and at Artmur in Montreal, Quebec. 


July 13 - September 3, 2020 

Display Case

Hally Levesque: The Spirit Woods


I have always been intrigued by the human form. As a child and teen, I was continually drawing people. When I reached adulthood, I collected dolls, which then sparked an interest in doll making. Although I have long enjoyed the seemingly limitless options that the various doll media offer, I have ventured into sculpting the human figure in clay. This challenge inspires and excites me.  


Almost everything I make tells a story. Never has this been more apparent than in my latest project, The Spirit WoodsThe Spirit Woods is a modern faery tale about a woman who sustains a fall in the woods, which gives her the ability to observe another plane of existence. She records her experiences in a journal, which is the foundation for this project. 


Taking paper as my primary medium, I worked it in a variety of ways - from stand-alone cut-outs to three-dimensional shadow collages. I digitally manipulated drawings and photographs to impart an illustrated quality reminiscent of a children’s storybook. Even the figurative sculptures are made from paper - a fine clay made from paper.


My intention in creating this body of work was to lift us out of our everyday reality and to allow us to rediscover our sense of childlike wonder. I suppose this is the part of me that refuses to grow up and for which I make no apology. 

The Spirit Woods Journal is available for viewing at www.creativedollworks.com

Hally Levesque is a self-taught artist and instructor residing in Regina with an extensive background in creating original, one-of-a-kind dolls in a range of media.


Her works are owned by collectors around the world and have appeared in international publications.  More recently, she has shifted her focus to making figurative sculptures of clay combined with wire, cloth and found objects. She largely credits Lithuanian artist, Dorote Zaukaite, for influencing her sculpting techniques and style.

Hally’s sculptures have found their way into other creative interests in drawing, collage and digital photography, as revealed in her latest body of work, The Spirit Woods.


March 7 - April 3, 2020 *select works extended exhibition until August 28

Hallway & Display Case

Aurora Art Guild: Pushing Boundaries

The Art Gallery of Regina (AGR) has a long history of working with and supporting local art guilds since its inception as an experimental satellite project of the Norman Mackenzie Gallery in 1974. The AGR continues to value its founding mission of reaching new audiences and programming work by local and regional artists.

Formed in Regina in 1982, The Aurora Art Guild provides a supportive art community that nurtures and strengthens each member's creative and professional development. The word "aurora" was chosen as the original members found meaning in the connection between the colours of the aurora borealis and the colours in an artist's palette. Today, the Aurora Art Guild is an energetic group, with a membership of 30 artists working in a variety of media and styles as well as mounting two show and sales every year. Each member contributes their unique voice and strengths to the shared learning of all members.

Upcoming Outside the Box exhibition programming 


September 12  - October 25, 2020 


Marge Jessop​     


September 12  - October 25, 2020 

Display Case

Jackie Campbell                                    

October 30 - December 20, 2020 

Hallways & Display Case

Prairie Artist' Guild, Brushworks Artist Guild, Last Mountain Artist's Collective

January - February, 2021 


David Xue

March - April, 2021 


Patrick Fernandez

May - June, 2021 


Gerri Annn Siwek


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