FAQs About Visiting the AGR

Q.  Is the AGR free to visit?

A.  Yes!  We are a non-profit charity, and we do not charge any fee for admission.

Q.  Can I take photographs?

A.  Yes, and we encourage you to!  We ask that you not use a flash and that if you share on social media you tag us:




Q.  Can I register for a City class through you?

A.  No.  Despite being located in a City-operated building, we are not affiliated with the City.  You will need to talk to a City staff person at the Neil Balkwill Centre for any leisure program related questions.

Q.  I've never been to an art gallery before.  What should I expect?

A.  When you visit the AGR, you are entering a place where you have the opportunity to experience and think about the art you are seeing. 


Popular culture can affect our expectations of what we think we should see in galleries.  When you come to the AGR, you won't see paintings from 1950 or marble statues: The AGR focuses on contemporary art, which is work made by a living artist that makes observations or assessments about contemporary society and life.  When you visit us, you will see work made by a living artist about issues that affect you right now! 

We have many resources that can help you analyze and think about what you are seeing.  From artist talks to a message from the curator explaining the ideas around the exhibition as well as a self-guided tour, we give viewers the tools to think about the work for themselves. If you want more information or have questions, you can talk to one of our staff who will be happy to come assist you!

Q.  Do you sell art?

A.  The AGR is not a commercial gallery: our goal is not to sell art but instead our goal is to present it to an audience for them to experience and observe.  The purpose of the work in our main gallery is not to be purchased, but instead is part of a larger conversation being held in the exhibition.


We occasionally have fundraising sales (such as our Members' Show and Sale) as well as having members' work in the hallways that is for sale. 

Q. Can you appraise this painting I found in my grandmother's attic?

A. Art appraisals are made by licensed professionals. The Art Gallery of Regina is a gallery that employs two staff who work with contemporary artists. Our staff are not licensed appraisers and cannot appraise artworks. Please seek a licensed art appraiser in your area.

Q. Can I show my artwork in your gallery?

A. The AGR has opportunities for professional, emerging and recreational artists in Saskatchewan. See our "submissions" page for further information. We do not exhibit artwork by artists from outside of Canada. We are not a commercial gallery.