You are invited to experience art during Culture Days 2021
All Culture Days events are free and all are welcome to attend!

The Art Gallery of Regina invites you to experience bees as conscious and creative agents with its Culture Days activities. Running from September 24 – October 24, 2021, Culture Days offers fun and engaging new creative and cultural activities – both in-person and digital - suited to all ages and abilities. The AGR’s Culture Days activities are inspired by our multi-year creative relationship – part mentorship, part collaboration – connecting senior artist Aganetha Dyck with selected artists, beekeepers and honeybees in Regina, Yorkton, Swift Current, Estevan and Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.




Saturday, September 25, 2021

6:30 - 7:30 PM

Online/ In-person

The AGR is pleased to present an in-person screening of a live, online artist talk by Aganetha Dyck in conversation with Curator Sandee Moore.

Aganetha Dyck, who became an artist while living in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, has been creating artwork assisted by honeybees and beekeepers for over 20 years. She will share her inspirations, experiences, and examples of artwork created in collaboration with honeybees.


Watch the recording of this talk from September 25, 2021:

Aganetha Talk.png

Honeycomb Flag Workshop

October 2 & 3, 2021

1 - 3 PM

Work together, just like bees in a colony, to create a honeycomb flag from cast-off clothing in this two-day participatory creation event. Transform thrift store fabrics into hexagonal patches and contribute to our flag, which will be flown from the Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre's flagpole for the remainder of Culture Days month.

This flag making activity is inspired by the work of artist Aganetha Dyck, whose Mennonite heritage and its emphasis on thrift is a source of inspiration for her artwork in which she commonly gives new life to broken and discarded items.


Sensing the Distance Between Us:

smell, hear, and touch honeybee creations

October 16 & 17, 2021

1 - 3 PM

Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre Courtyard

In-person, outdoor event for children & families

Experience the structures, scents, and sounds created by honeybees in these outdoor activities. Learn the languages of bees: What do different buzzing sounds mean? How do bees decide what spaces they want to fill with their honeycomb? What do flowers look and smell like to bees?

Children will have the opportunity to touch beeswax honeycomb, smell wax, watch video of bees working in the secret environment inside their hives, see UV patterns on flowers not visible to humans, and listen to binaural recordings of bees.


Still Life Drawing with Honeybee Altered Compositions

Instructor: George Glenn

October 24, 2021

2 - 4 PM

In-person (NBCAC Boardroom) / Zoom video conference


The Art Gallery of Regina introduces a new twist on its regular and popular online program Still Life Sundays, which offers opportunities to draw, chat and spend time online constructively. We'll still offer Still Life Sundays as a free, online still life drawing and socializing session over Zoom video conference from 2-4 pm; we'll be supplementing this successful program with in-person drawing opportunities. In-person attendance is limited to six people in the Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre's board room. Especially for Culture Days edition of our Still Life Sundays we are offering beginner and experienced artists the unique challenge of drawing honeybee altered still life compositions created by Prince Albert-based artist and instructor George Glenn.


Glenn, who was Aganetha Dyck's first art teacher, offered honeybees several groupings of objects, which the bees have been busy re-shaping with whimsical frills of honeycomb over the last two summers. 


Glenn himself will lead participants through observing and drawing these unique still life compositions through live, online drawing session. Inspired self-sufficiency, less toxic art making processes and by the wondrous materials that bees create, Glenn will lead Still Life Sunday participants through creating their own oil pastels to layer with graphite in a multi-step drawing process. 


Inspired by John Berger’s description of limited access to drawing materials due to wartime rationing, Glenn will direct Still Life Sunday participants to use only one sheet of paper, layering and erasing their drawings. Glenn describes the unique quality that this adds to the finished drawing as "a visual depth, warmth and personal investment in the support.” 


A layer of previously prepared white oil pastel will be applied over this base of intuitive drawings, then layering additional drawings, this time using the blind contour method to focus on observation of the still life. Says Glen, "Graphite on an oil pastel surface makes a wonderful mark. The pastel is very forgiving as it can cover marks editing out unnecessary lines.” Glenn will complete this in-depth investigation of technique, material and approaches to drawing by instructing participants to lift, move, mix and reapply the scrapings using a metal palette knife or a 2" paint scraper. 



Drawing paper (150 lb), oil pastel ingredients (beeswax, linseed oil and titanium white oil paint), graphite and drawing boards will be provided for in-person drawing sessions. Those participating over Zoom video conference are urged to prepare their own materials and a video and sound-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone for this session. 


For those wishing to prepare their own oil pastels using natural ingredients in advance, please pick up your materials package at the Art Gallery of Regina’s offices and view a short instructional video on the Art Gallery of Regina’s YouTube channel:


Those wishing to attend the in-person still life drawing session must register in advance for a free ticket, wear a mask and observe social distancing. Attendance at in-person events is limited to 50% of normal capacity. The Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre requires that all visitors to the building wear a mask and provide proof of vaccination, or a negative COVID-19 test. 

In-person attendance is limited to six people in the Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre's board room.  Pre-registration required to attend in-person. 

Still Life.png

As of September 20th, the AGR will be adhering to the new COVID-19 guidelines announced by the City of Regina.

Anyone attending in-person events must register in advance for a free ticket, wear a mask and observe social distancing. Attendance at in-person events is limited to 50% of normal capacity. The Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre requires that all visitors to the building wear a mask. The AGR requests that visitors proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test.