We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our many members of both the creative community and the AGR who have supported us by donating to our COVID-19 fundraising drive! 

Like many arts organizations, the AGR has been financially impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.  As we prepare to reopen in the near future, donations from our community are a vital source of support for the AGR.  If you are able to donate to help support our commitment to our exhibiting artists and our free-to-the-public programming, please click here to donate.  You will receive a tax-deductible charitable receipt for your donation. 


Please note: this list will be updated each Friday throughout the drive. If you would like your donation to remain anonymous,

please let us know!

Aurora Art Guild

Sonia Abrahamson

Peter Adams

Ronald Appleton

Madeleine Arkell

Charles Bavolar

Janet & Donald Barber

Alexander Beitz

Penny Berchard-Milton

Brushworks Art Guild

Tammy Bryant

Anne Campbell

Jacqueline Campbell

Gail Chin

Claudette Claereboudt

Cathy Cochrane

Violet Cooke

Janet Corcoran

Susan Easton

John Edgar

Sharon Eisbrenner

Holly Fay

Linda Fox

Robert Friedrich

Dawn Gates

DeLee Grant

Bill Hambly

Judith Hindle

Orle Howat

Jim Hudson

Don Hall

Shelley Holmes

Della Hunter

Leone Hutch

Jessup's General Store

Jane Kerr

Doris Kolowrat

Halle Levesque

Mai Ly-Dolata

John & Jean MacFarlane

Janice Moser

Raegan Moynes

Wendy Nelson

Linda Picot

Regina & Area Potter's Guild

Ruth Anne & Roland Richter

Gary Robertson

Anita Rocomora

Janice Schlosser

Bev Schutzman

Marianne Smisko

Brenda & Roman Tacik

Lori Taylor

Lorraine Weidner

Maria Whaley

Trina Wirth

Brenda Wolf